Biographical Sketch of Mehdi Azari

Mehdi Azari is the Global Technical Advisor for reservoir evaluation with Halliburton Energy Services in Dallas. He Previously worked at Halliburton Reservoir Services in Dallas, worked at Halliburton Services in Duncan, Oklahoma, was a professor of Petroleum Engineering at the University of Wyoming, and worked at OSCO computer center in Abadan, Iran.

He holds a BS degree in Chemical Engineering from Abadan Institute of Technology, MS and PhD degrees in Petroleum Engineering from University of Southern California, and is a registered Professional Engineer.

Dr. Azari was the chairman of the Reservoir Mechanics Technical Interest Group (TIG) of the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE). He was also a Technical Editor for Formation Evaluation Journal (1992-4) and the Program Chairman for several SPE meeting sessions. He has served in the Reservoir Engineering (1995-8), the Emerging/Peripheral Technology (1995-8), the Pressure Transient Testing (1992-1995), and the Gas Reservoir Engineering (1992) Programming Committees of SPE. He was also a Senior Member of the Technical Staff with Halliburton.

Dr. Azari has authored over 80 publications in reservoir engineering, well testing, perforation, production engineering, reservoir simulation, formation damage, and geopressured reservoirs. He has made numerous technical presentations, seminars, short courses, SPE luncheon, and dinner talks in United States, South America, Middle East, Africa, and SE Asia.

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