Sara Rahbar - Visual Artist

Opreession 2 - by Sarah Rahbar

Opreession 1 - by Sarah Rahbar

Flag 2 - by Sarah Rahbar

Opreession 2 - by Sarah Rahbar

Sara and Hossein

Sara Rahbar was Born in 1976 in Tehran Iran, but Left with her family during the revolution in the beginning of the Iran Iraq war. But having to escape her own country and leave her family behind, left a gap in her. It some how did not seem quit right to have to abandon her home because of a war and a revolution that had nothing to do with her. Through out the years she has killed off dealing with the confusion and anger left in her, and now through her work she is addressing it. she now lives and works between New York and Iran.

Rahbar went on to study fine art in London and design in New York. She has shown in various galleries and museums all over America. Her work has been featured at the Queens Museum of Art in their Biennial show where Rahbar was chosen out of 52 artists to be a teaching artist and to also do a second piece for the Biennial, where she choose to do a room-sized installation on the subject of war in the Middle East.


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