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Resources (Economics)
Business and Economics (The Virtual Library)-Marvelous Resource.
Money: What It Is, How It Works-Features a collection of articles on understanding money and the U.S. monetary system.
WebEc - WWW Resources in Economics (Comprehensive Directory)-WebEc is an effort to categorize free information in economics on the WWW. Also it Contains the list of economics journals.
Resources for Economists on the Internet-Comprehensive directory by Bill Goffe.
AEAweb-American Economic Association.
The Dismal Scientist (General Focus)-Features economic analysis and news by nationally recognized economists.
Dr. Ed Yardeni's Economic Network-Features economic analysis and forecasts by chief investment strategist of Prudential Securities.
Economics, a Rutgers University Libraries Research Guide.-Feautres extensive links and is well maintained. (General Focus)-Portal to the web's most comprehensive collection of information, data, and analysis on the world economy.
Economics Resources-Extensive links.
Econbase-Index of 64 economic journals.
Econ Jump (Brock University-Canada)-Econojump! is a jump-off point to resources on the internet that are related to economics. a general directroy to the most useful resources.
Economics Meta Search Engine-Search many econ sites from one site.
Economic Reporting Review-Weekly analysis of business and economics articles in the New York Times and the Washington Post.
DMOZ Directory for Economics
Internet Resources for Economics -Featues extensive links to economics resources.
Inomics (Economics Search Engine)-Includes a database of research papers, job openings and conference announcements.
Library of Economics and Liberty -Features online books and articles.

Resources (Finance)
Finance Resources on the Web-Excellent directory from NYU Stern
Project Finance Portal-Marvelous.
The Journal of Finance
Jounal of Financial Economics
WWW Finance-Online MBA finance course from Duke University.
An Introduction to Investment Theory (Yale University)
Financial Data Finder (Ohio State University)
Financial Markets Center -Provides information, analysis and teaching tools about the Federal Reserve System and financial markets.
Financial Scandals-A Guide with Links to Information Sources.
Guide for Finance, Insurance, and Real (LSU)
Investor Links
Yahoo Finance & Investments Index

General Business
Business Resources (Rutgers)
Business and Economics Research Guides (Columbia University)
Business Resources (LSU)
Economics & Finance Links (Euskalnet)
IOMA Business Directory Links
Virtual Business Information Center (University of Maryland)
Knowldge (Wharton Business School)
Harvard Business School Publishing
Uniform Commercial Code

Dictionaries & Encyclopedias
The Business Glossary
Glossary (Chicago Mercantile Exchange)
Dictionary of Financial Terms
International Financial Encyclopedia (Online Financial Encyclopedia)
Hypertextual Financial Glossary-This is a very comprehensive financial glossary from Professor Campbell Harvey.
Financial Glossary
Yahoo! Financial Glossary

Research Institutions
Brookings Institution
Carnegie Bosch Institute for Applied Studies in International Management
BRIE on international economics (UC Berkeley)
Hoover Institution,
National Bureau of Economic Research (NBER)
Tilburg University's CentER for Economic Research (The Netherlands)

Economic Trends & Data
Business Cycle Indicators
Center for Economic and Policy Research
Consumer Price Indexes
Economy at a Glance (U.S. Department of Labor)
Economic Policy Institute
US Macro and Regional Data
nternational Macroeconomic Data Set
Econ Data - University of Maryland (U.S. Macro)-Economic time series data from Inforum.
Economic Data (U.S. Census)
Economic Growth Resources
Economic Report of the President-A very detailed report about the U.S. Economy.
Latest Economic Indicator-Census Economic Briefing Room (Updated Frequently).
National Bureau of Economic Research
The American Enterprise Institute for Public Policy Research

Economic Forecasts
Bank of Montreal Economics on Canada, United States and International Economies.
Congressional Budget Office
Economic Cycle Research Institute (ECRI)
EIU ViewsWire (Global)-By subscription.
Global Economic Forum (Morgan Stanley)-Economic Analysis & Forecasts.
Michigan RSQE Forcasts-The Research Seminar in Quantitative Economics Department of Economics, University of Michigan.
Regional Economic Models (REMI)
The UCLA Anderson Forecast (Subscription)
Wachovia Monthly Economic Forecast

Market Information & Research concise information on how the market is going.
Dow Jones- Historical data on equity markets and other useful stuff.
Dow Jones Newswires North America-Real Time News and Information.
Data Broadcasting Corp. Online-Market info, charts, news and quotes.
InterQuote (Subscription)-InterQuote is the Internet's affordable equities, options and futures quote service.
Island ECN (After Hour Quotes)
Financial Times MarketWatch
Edgar online-Information derived from SEC data.
Freeedgar-Free access to fundamental economic data released to the SEC.
Financial Data Finder (OSU)
Financial Market Information
Ibbotson Research (Extensive Links)
Market History (Fee)
Map of the Market (Smart Money)
Merrill Lynch
Public Domain Financial Data
Standard & Poor's
Standard & Poor's Equity Investor Services-Updated news and stock reports.
Standard & Poor's Index Services
Value Line (Subscription)
Yahoo Finance
IPAnet (International)
Principal Economic Indicators -Economics and Statistics Administration (ESA).
The White House: Economy

Corporate Inforamtion
10K Wizard (SEC filings and financial analysis)
Corporate Information-Extensive profiles by country.
Annual Reports
Annual Reports Library
Annual Report Service
Delphion (Patent Search)
The Corporate Library
Fitch-IBCA Ratings (Credit Research Reports)-International rating agency.
Hoover's Online-Company Profiles and access to records of public & private companies.
SEC EDGAR Database-Most comprehensive source of company information.
IT Papers
Thomas Register (Subscription)
US Company Information (MIT Library)
Zacks Investment Research-offers recommendations and reports on individual companies.

Industry Information
The American Society of Association Executives
Industry Research Desk
The North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)
Industry News from Yahoo -News headlines catagorized by specific Industry groups and subgroups.

Banking on the WWW from Institute of Finance and Banking at the University of Göttingen.
Banks of the World
Federal Reserve
Federal Reserve Districts and Banks-Directory of the twelve Federal Reserve district sites.
Mark Bernkopf's Central Banking Resource Center

Investment Banks
Investment Banks

Personal Finance
Personal Finance Guide


WWW Virtual Library: International Business and Economics
Virtual International Business and Economic Sources (VIBES)
Alta Plana International Economics Gateway-Extensive Links to international economics sources.
Resources for International Business
FITA: International Trade Web Resources
globalEDGE International Business Resource Desk (Michigan State University)-International business resources directory.
International Resources on the Web (University of Michigan)
International Affairs Resources (Virtual Library)
International Development (Canadian International Development Agency)
RRojas Databank
MSU-CIBER - A Resource for International Business (Michigan State University)
International Economics Glossary
Country Risk Analysis-Professor Campbell Harvey examines the dynamic risks exposure of global industries.
The Emerging Market Companion
International Law Resource (FindLaw)
International Trade Law Resource (FindLaw)
Guide To Global Trade Law
Statistical Resources on the Web (U. Michigan)
Eurostat (EU)
International Statistics Online (U. Maryland)
Official Statistics on the Web (OFFSTATS)
Trade Resources from the US International Trade Commission.
International Treasurer (Articles)-Analysis of international market.

World Institutions & Organizations
International Chamber of Commerce
Bank of International Settlement
Central Banks & Monetary Authorities (EDRIC)
Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development (OECD)
Internet Sites related to international development (IDRC)
Directory of Development Organizations 2002
International Trade Centre (UNCTAD/WTO)-ITC is directly responsible for implementing UNDP-financed projects in developing countries and economies in transition related to trade promotion.
United Nations
Food and Agricultural Organization of the UN
International Monetary Fund (IMF)
World Bank
World Bank & IMF Libraries
World Economic Organisations and Divisions

Market Information and Research
Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU)-The world leader in country intelligence.
CIA World Fact Book
Ecowin-Windows based macroeconomic and financial time-series analysis.
World Economic Data Links (RFE) information at the Dutch Export Site
Corporate Information (Global)
International Economics Study Center
Internationalist (The Center For International Trade and Business)
International Commercial Law & E-Commerce Monitor-An excellent source of International Trade Information.
Marketing & International Business Links
International Economy-The Magazine of international financial policy.
Econofinance (Latin America in Real Time)
FINWeb (Financial Economics Network)
Global Financial Data
Governments on the WWW
Universities Worldwide
IPAnet (International)-Market information & research for international investor.
International Stock Exchanges
International Federation of Stock Exchanges
MERIDIAN - International Stock Market Data: Products
Statistical Offices (EDRIC)
World Stock Exchanges
Site by Site-International Investment Portal & Research Center.
World Financial Markets (Links)
World Economic Outlook (IMF)
Euro Pages (The European Business Directory)

Financial News

Global Financial News
AP Business Headlines via Washington Post
Financial Times
AFP World Business via Yahoo
PR News via Yahoo
Reuters Business
Reuters Investing
UPI Business News via CBS Market Watch

UK Media
Ananova Business
BBC News: Business
Bloomberg (UK)
Business Credit News
The Economist Group
The Economist
Evening Standard
First Index On-Line (United Kingdom - manufacturing industry)
Financial Times (UK)
Financial Times Business Publications
The Guardian
The Independent
Interactive Investor International
Marketing Week
Reuters (UK)
Sky News
Yahoo Finance (UK)

U.S. Media Business
AP Business Headlines via Washington Post
Business Wire
CNN Money
Financial Times (U.S.)
MG's FOREX News (Foreign Exchange rates and news)
Global Treasury News (Cash & Treasury News)-Requires Free Registration. Business section
1stHeadlines Business
MSNBC: Commerce
New York Times (Business News) -Articles & AP Headlines.Free Registration Required.
NPR Business
Reuters (US)
ON24-Stock market news for the individual investor.
Schlumberger (IT News)
STRATFOR-leading provider of global intelligence.
US News Money
Wall Street Journal (Public Pages)-Up to the date information.
Wall Street Journal Sunday
Washington Post (Business)-Links to top news stories.
Yahoo! Business News
Yahoo Full Coverage (Business)
Internet News

U.S. Magazines
Business 2.0
Business Week
CFO-Resource for senior financial executives on the Web.
Euro Money
Fast Company
Institutional Investor
Market Watch
News Directory

U.S. Papers
Arizona Republic (Business) - Baltimore Sun (Business) - Boston Globe (Business) - Boston Herald (Business Today) - Chicago Sun Times (Business) - Chicago Tribune (Business) - Dallas Morning News (Business) - Houston Chronicle: Business - LA Times (Business) - Miami Herald: Business - Minneapolis Star Tribune (Business) - New York Times (Business News) - Philadelphia Inquirer: Business - San Diego Union Tribune (Business) - San Francisco Chronicle - San Francisco Examiner - San Jose Mercury News: Business & Stocks - Seattle Times (Business) - USA Today (Money) - Washington Post (Business) Washington Times (Business) - U.S. Regional Business Newspapers & Magazines (Newslink)

ABC News (Sci/Tech)
BBC News (Sci/Tech)
Bloomberg Stocks
Brint (Business & Technology)
Brint Newswire
CNET (Tech)
CNN (Sci/Tech)
Computer News Daily
Cornate (Tech News)-Focus on Technology, biotechnology, venture capital, ecommerce and internet.
Silicon Valley
HotWired (Tech)
IT World
LA Times (Technology)
MSNBC (Technology News)
Newsfactor (Tech)
Red Herring
The Register (UK)
Tech Central Station (Financial News)-Technology News, policy analysis and market intelligence.
Wall Street and Technology (Financial News)-information portal for the financial technology marketplace.
ZDNET eBusiness News (Tech)

Information Economy, The (UC Berkeley)
CIO (Business Week)
Ecommerce Times
Internet-Daily IT news.
Internet News
Internet Wire
Intranet Journal

U.S. National Exchanges
The Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE )
Chicago Board of Trade
Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME)
Chicago Stock Exchange
Coffee, Sugar & Cocoa Exchange, Inc.
Futurecom: Electronic Trading Exchange
National Quotation Bureau
New York Board of Trade
New York Mercantile Exchange-Metals & Oil Futures and Options.
New York Stock Exchange
The International Securities Exchange (ISE)-Option Exchange.

U.S. Regional Exchanges
The American Stock Exchange
The Cincinnati Stock Exchange
Iowa Electronic Markets
Kansas City Board of Trade
Minneapolis Grain Exchange
Philadelphia Stock Exchange
San Diego Stock Exchange

World Stock Exchanges
London Stock Exchange
Euronext (merger of the Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris exchanges)
European Exchanges
Johannesburg Stock Exchange
Singapore Exchange
Taiwan Stock Exchange
Tokyo Stock Exchange
Hong Kong Exchanges
Australian Stock Exchange
Mexico Stock Exchange
Argentine Stock Exchange System
Bolsa de Valores do Rio de Janeiro (Rio De Janeiro Stock Exchange)
Bolsa de Valores de Sao Paulo (Sao Paulo Stock Exchange)

U.S. Government Agencies
Bureau of Census
Bureau of Economic Analysis-Data on the General Economic Conditions.
Bureau of Labor Statistics
Business Advisor
Chamber of Commerce
Congressional Budget Office
Finance Net-Chief Financial Officers Council.
Customs Service
Data and Statistics |
Department of Commerce
Department of Treasury
Federal Reserve
Federal Reserve Districts and Banks-Directory of the twelve Federal Reserve district sites.
FedWorld (NTIS gateway to many government sites)
Federal Trade Commission
Financial Management Service (Government Reports & Data)
FirstGov: Business & Economy Links-FirstGov, the official site for US Government information.
Internal Revenue Service (IRS)
International Trade Commission
Overseas Private Investment Corp
Patents and Trademarks Office
Securities Exchange Commission
Small Business Administration
Office of Management & Budget
Office of the U.S. Trade Representative-The U.S. Trade Representative is Ameica's chief trade negotiator.
International Trade Commission -This Commission provides information on trade & Tariffs Practices.
World News Connection (WNC)-A Foreign News Service from the U.S. Government.


CBC Business News
CCN Newswire (Finance)
Canada NewsWire
Canadian Business
Canadian eBusiness Today
Globe and Mail: Report on Business (Canada)
National Post - Financial Post (Canada)
Ottawa Business Journal
Yahoo Finace (Canada)

Canada Sites
Blue Book of Canadian Business
Business Strategis (Canada's Business Information Site)
System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval (SEDAR)-System used to electronically file securities related information with the Canadian Secuities Administrators.
Canada WealthNet-Comprehensive Investment Directory.
Bank of Canada
Canadian Investment Review
International Business & Trade Information (Industry Canada)
Canadian Venture Exchange
Montreal Stock Exchange
Nasdaq Canada
TSX - The Toronto Stock Exchange
Winnipeg Commodity Exchange

Latin America News
Buenos Aires Herald
Busniess News Americas - Granma-Cuba
Gazeta Mercantil (Brazil)
South America Daily (WN)

European Government
Europa-Portal site of the EU.
Euro (European Commission)

EU Central Banks
European Central Bank
Oesterreichische Nationalbank (Austria)
Banque Nationale de Belgique (Belgium)
Danmarks Nationalbank
Suomen Pankki (Finland)
Banque de France
Deutsche Bundesbank (Germany)
Bank of Greece
Central Bank of Ireland
Banca d´Italia (Italy)
Banque centrale du Luxembourg
De Nederlandsche Bank (The Netherlands)
Banco de Portugal
Banco de España (Spain)
Bank of Sweden
Bank of England

European Sites
Euro Pages (The European Business Directory)
Hoover's France
Hoover's Germany
Hoover's Italy
Hoover's Spain
Hoover's UK
Knowledge (INSEAD)-Portal site for European business research.

European Exchanges
Wiener Börse AG (Austria)
Zagreb Stock Exchange (Croatia)
Cyprus Stock Exchange
Prague Stock Exchange (Czech Republic)
Copenhagen Stock Exchange (Denmark)
Eurex: Eurex: The European Derivatives Market
Euronext (merger of the Amsterdam, Brussels, and Paris exchanges)
Euronext Paris
Federation of European Securities Exchanges (FESE)
Helsinki Stock Exchange (Finland)
BOERSE.DE (Germany)
Berliner Wertpapierbörse (Berlin Stock Exchange)
Börse München
Deutsche Börse Group (Germany)
Hamburger Börse
Athens Stock Exchange (Greece)
Budapest Stock Exchange (Hungary)
Iceland Stock Exchange
Irish Stock Exchange
Italian Stock Exchange (Borsa Valori Italiana)
National Stock Exchange of Lithuania
Luxembourg Stock Exchange
Macedonian Stock Exchange
Malta Stock Exchange
Euronext Amsterdam (The Netherland)
Oslo Bĝrs-Oslo Stock Exchange (Norway)
Norwegian Options & Futures Clearing House
Warsaw Stock Exchange (Poland)
Euronext Lisbon (Portugal)
Russian Stock Exchange
Moscow Stock Exchange
Ljubljana Stock Exchange (Slovenia)
Barcelona Stock Exchange (Spain)
Bilbao Stock Exchange (Spain)
Madrid Stock Exchange (Spain)
MEFF (Spanish Financial Futures & Options Exchange)
Valencia Stock Exchange (Spain)
Stockholmsbörsen (Sweden)
OM Stockholm Exchange (Sweden)
Swiss Stock Exchange
SWX Europe
London Clearing House (UK)
London Stock Exchange (UK)
London Metal Exchange (UK)
London International Financial Futures and Options Exchange (UK)

Europe: Financial News
Bilanz (Switzerland)
Central Europe Online
EU Business
Euroactive (Belgium)
Euro News
Europe Voice
Finfacts (Irish Finance Portal) (Germany)
International Herald Tribune
Les Echos (France)
Le Revenu en ligne (France)
La Tribune (France)
Moscow Times (Business)
Scandinavia Now
The St. Petersburg Times (Russia)
Sunday Business Post (Ireland)
Swiss Info
Swiss and International Financial News (l'agefi)
Swiss Financial News
Warsaw Business Journal (Poland)

Africa News
Africa Online
Africa Intelligence
Business Day (South Africa)
Cape Business News (South Africa)
Financial Gazette Online (Zimbabwe)
Financial Standard (Kenya)
Sunday Times (South Africa)

Middle East News
AME Info: Financial News-Offers daily financial news from the Middle East Region.
Business Today (Egypt)-Published Monthly.
Country information at the Dutch Export Site
Economic Intelligence Unit (EIU)
Gulf Business Magazine-Online Edition of monthly print edition. Middle East North Africa Financial Network: MENAFN
Dubai Business Magazine.Features international and regional news.
Middle East Bussiness Daily-Aggregation of business news from a variety of sources.
Middle East Economic Digest (MEED)-MEED also hosts many conferences and events on economic trends, and other aspects of doing business in the Middle East. Middle East Now
Middle East Regional Business News (Middle East Events)
Zawya-Focuses on Arab Business and Finance

Business & Economy in the Middle East
Link to Guide

Asia News
Asia Business
Asia Market News
Asia Times (Business)
Asia Pacific (Strategic Business Information)
The Economist (Emerging Markets)
The Economic Times (India)
Far Eastern Economic Review
Financial Express (India)
Pacific Rim Review
Reuters (Asia)
Yahoo Asia (Finance)
South China Morning Post (Hong Kong-Registration Required)
The Economic Times (India)
Bisnis Indonesia
Nikkei BP AsiaBizTech (Japan)
Nikkei Net (Japan)
The Star Online: Business (Malaysia)
Business Recorder (Pakistan)
BusinessWorld (Philippines)
Business Times (Singapore)
Business Day (Thailand)
Bangkok Post (Business)

Oceania News
The Age (Australia)
The Australian (Business)
Australian Financial Review
Sydney Morning Herald
National Business Review (New Zealand )
New Zealand Herald
New Zealand NewsNet
TVNZ (New Zealand)
Yahoo: Australia Finance
Yahoo: New Zealand Business News

News Links
News Links
Internet Financial News Service

Virtual Libraries
Berkeley Digital Library SunSITE -Excellent general resource.
Boston Public Library
ECLAS: The European Commission Library Catalog
Internet Public Library
Libdex - Index to 17,000 Libraries
Library of Congress
Library of Congress catalog
MIT Libraries
National Library Catalogues Worldwide
Virtual Library

DMOZ Directory
Big Book
Big Yellow
International Telephone Directories
Reverse Phone Directory
Telephone Directories on the Web (Teldir)
US Postal Service Zip +4 Lookup

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