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Iranian & Persian Recipes (largest collection)Pomegranates
Iranian Recipes (Farhangsara)
Persian Cuisine, a Brief History
Ancient Iranian Recipes
Ashpazbashi (Bilingual)
Iran: Encyclopedia of Food & Culture
Noushe Jan
Persian Recipes I
Persian Recipes IIpomegranate
Persian Recipes III
Persian Recipes IV
Persian Recipes V
Persian Recipes VI
Persian Recipes VII
10 Essential Iranian Dishes (Food Republic)
Parsi Cuisine
Recipes SourcePersian Saffron
Recipes (ICIC)
Sadaf Recipes
Sofreh Irani

Recipes (French)
Cuisine d'Iran
Recettes I | II

Recipes (Persian)Barbequed Corn - Balal
Ashpazi Rangin
Honar Ashpazi
Sofreh Khune
Tak Ashpaz

Cookbook AuthorsOkra: lady's fingers is a common ingredient in Persian& Middle Eastern cuisine
Donia Bijan
Ariana Bundy
M. R. Ghanoonparvar
Sabrina Ghayour
Javane's Kitchen (Blog)
Kamran Sharareh
Bibi Kasrai
Fig & Quince (Blog)
Najmieh's Kitchen (Cookbooks & Classes) | Video
My Persian Feast (Blog)Kabob Kobideh
My Persian Kitchen (Cookbooks & Classes)
Persian Cooking: A Table of Exotic Delights
New Persian Cooking: Jila Dana & Shahrzad Ghorashian
Nadereh Naderi
Persian Mama - Homa Partovi (Blog)
The Pomegranate Diaries - Farnaz Kiervin
Louisa Shafia
Simi's Kitchen (Blog)
Shirin (CD)
Shirin SimmonsAppetizerz: Tadig with Gheymeh & Ghormeh Sabzi
Taste of Persia (DVD)
Turmeric & Saffron (Blog)
West of Persia - Bria Tavakoli (Blog)

Kosher Persian Food | Blog

Kurdish Cuisine
Kurdish Video Recipes

Joojeh Kabbob

Vegetarian Recipes I
Vegetarian Recipes II
Persian-Italian Eggplant Stew
Persian Vegan Forum

FB Pages
Persian Cooking
Persian Food
Persian Cuisine: Zahra MostashariKabob Choobi
Persian Mom Cooking
Southern Cooking

Caspian Caviar (Epicurious)
Caspian Caviar

Persian Spices
Persian Spice MixShish Kabob

What is Saffron?
Saffron Recipes
Saffron Rice Pilaf
A New Chapter for Saffron (NY Times)
Saffron - Why Iran's 'Red Gold' Is So Prized (WBUR)

Torshi (Persian Pickle)
Torshi BademjanPersian Pastries
Torshi-e Makhloot

Desserts Recipes
Persian Desserts
Persian Deserts (WIKI)
Persian Ice Cream
Faloodeh Recipe | Video
Fereni (Persian Rice Pudding)
Desserts Used at Iranian Religious CeremoniesDolme
Homemade Desserts | Persian Pastries

Directory of Persian Restaurants
Persian Markets & Bakeries
Tehran Restaurants
The Gumboo Guide: Tehran Dining Review

History of Most Famous and Most Popular Iranian Dish, Chelo-KabobSalmon prepared Persian style
Cooking (Iranica)
Iran: The Land of Bread and Spice (Saveur)
Iranian American Promotes Persian Cuisine in U.S.
Washington Acquires a Taste for Persian Cuisine
Ancient and modern: Iran's lush cuisine (CS Monitor)
Iranian cuisine, the queen of Middle Eastern food (Tehran Times)
Persian Cooking Finds a Home in Los Angeles (NY Times)
Persian Cuisine, Fragrant and Rich With Symbolism (NY Times)Shish Kabob, Kabobo Kobideh and Jojeh Kabbob
Tehran's Famous Eateries Survive Fast-Food Revolution (Mianeh)
Preserving Traditional Persian Cooking Is This Young Iranian Chef's Mission (HP)
The foodie traveller .. in Tehran's Grand Bazaar ( The Guardian)
Taste of Persia: 10 foodie ways to see Iran (Telegraph)
Review: A Persian Renaissance at Shiraz Kitchen in Elmsford (NY Times)
Iranian Capital Hosts Ramadan Food Festival (CHN)
Recipes for Persian Memories (
Conflict Kitchen: Kubideh Kitchen

Kabob Barg, Kobideh and Jojeh Kabbob

Online Stores
Persia (Ethnicfoodsco)
Persian Basket
Shahrzad International

VideoChelokabab Soltani
Video Recipes
Abgosht (Dizi)
Persian Rice with Lamb
Persian cooking (Press TV)
Persian Cuisine | II
Persian Food Safari: Part I | Part II | Part III
Iranian fast food restaurants
Tehran Kitchen
Land of secret recipes (CNN)Sabzi Polo Mahi - Fish
The Munchies Guide to Tehran I | II | III

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