Interview with Farrah Assadi - Hollywood (September 22, 2009)

Farrah Assadi - Hollywood (September 22, 2009 - by QH

Farrah Assadi - by QH  Farrah Assadi - by QH  Farrah Assadi & Vida Ghaffari - by QH 

Farrah Assadi & Vida Ghaffari - by QH                   
                   Interview with Farrah Assadi (2:28) - By Vida Ghaffari

Farrah Assadi is a host and actress who has extensive credits in television, film and theatre. She is a UCLA graduate magna cum laude and fully trilingual (English, Persian, Spanish and learning French). Currently, she performs in a comedic play called "The Amazing Food Detective" that tours from Bakersfield to San Diego. She also hosts a weekly entertainment news and red carpet program on satellite channel ATV called "Cinema Now". On Saturday nights, you can listen to her on the radio at 670am co-hosting a variety program called "Club 670". Other credits include Comedy Central's "Chocolate News" and the feature film "G.I. Jesus". She is Some of her hobbies include reading autobiographies, dancing and snowboarding.

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