AFI FEST: Tribute to Tilda Swinton - Hollywood (November 5, 2008)

Tilda Swinton - LA (November 5, 2008) - by QH

Tilda Swinton - LA (November 5, 2008) - by QH    Tilda Swinton - LA (November 5, 2008) - by QH    Tilda Swinton - LA (November 5, 2008) - by QH

AFI presented a tribute to Academy Award-winning actress Tilda Swinton at ArcLight Hollywood. An hour of film clips and a Q&A accompanied Swinton's salute.

Swinton doesn't see herself as an actress. "I never wanted to become an actress and don't live the life of one," She said.

She labels herself as and independent. "I have always worked in the independent medium", She said.

Finally, she stated that AFI is a cineastic organization and body that everyone in the industry recognizes. Hence, the AFI tribute was very special to her and meant more than the Academy Awards.

The tribute was followed by the screening of her new movie Julia.


Tilda Swinton talks about the AFI tribute - Real Video (01:22)

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