Interview with Beri Shalmashi - UCLA (July 25, 2009)

Beri Shalmashi - UCLA (July 25, 2009) by QH

Beri Shalmashi graduated in 2008, at the NFTA (Netherlands Film and TV Academy), as a screenwriter and directed documentaries during her third and fourth year. Shalmashi won the ECHO Award 2008, as most excellent bicultural student in Higher Education. Summer sessions at the UCLA were part of the prize.

That same year, she received her MA in "European Media" at the HKU (Utrecht School of Arts), where she graduated making "You know I love you", as screenwriter/director. As an internship, Shalmashi gave a workshops to Kurdish and Arab filmmakers in Southern Kurdistan, Iraq. Besides, she worked for Circe Films, a well-known production company in Amsterdam. Recently, film magazine SKRIEN named her as one of the top-ten young film talents in the Netherlands.

Shalmashi wrote the scenario for the teleplay "THE OTHERS", which will have its premiere at the Netherlands Film Festival in September 2009. She's developing a new teleplay; "MAMA WILL HATE THIS", as writer/director. Right now, Shalmashi is in Los Angeles, writing her feature length debut, short films and preparing a documentary that is set in Cairo.


Interview with Beri Shalmashi - Real Video (4:21)

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