Fireworks Wednesday - LA Film Festival (June 28-30, 2007)

Fireworks Wednesday Fireworks Wednesday
Chaharshanbeh Suri

Iran, 2006, 104 min
In Persian with English subtitles

Directed By: Asghar Farhadi
Writers: Asghar Farhadi, Mani Haghighi
Producer: Jamal Sadatian
Executive Producer: Boshra Films
Cinematographer: Hossein Jafarian
Editor: Heyedeh Safiyari
Music: Peyman Yazdanian
Cast: Hedieh Tehrani, Taraneh Alidousti, Hamid Farokh-nejad, Pantea Bahram, Matin Heydar-nia

Fiery Mojdeh is convinced her husband is cheating on her with the divorcée next door. When the dueling couple — and their gossipy neighbors — keep turning to Rouhi, the couple’s maid, for affirmations and information, she’s sharp enough to tell each what she thinks they should hear. This enthralling drama is as fresh and modern as its Iran, where girls wear chadors while riding motorcycles, and where despite love, tears and talk, at the core, everyone is a stranger, and every relationship a time bomb.


Thu, Jun 28 / 9:45pm
Italian Cultural Institute

Sat, Jun 30 / 4:15pm
The Landmark (Pico & Westwood)

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