Iran (1971): A Documentary by Claude Lelouch

Producer: Claude Lelouch

Director: Claude Pinoteau
Executive Producer: Paul Lafargue
Music: Francis Lai
Production Company: Pyramid Media

Run time: 18:00

Far more than a travelogue with pretty pictures, this little-known film won six international awards shortly after its release. 'Iran' consists of spectacular geographical and archaeological footage interspersed with "slice of life" shots, evidencing best juxtapositional editing we've ever seen. This is a buried masterpiece from the director of 'A Man and a Woman,' 'Happy New Year,' and 'And Now My Love.' Lelouch reportedly shot six miles of footage to make this film, which apparently was sponsored by a multinational petroleum pipeline construction firm, as a gift to the Shah's wife.


This movie is part of the collection: Academic Film Archive of North America

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