Narrow Alleys...Kochehaye Barik - LA Film Festival (June 24, 2006)

Narrow Alleys...Kochehaye Barik 2005, 80 min, Color, 35mm
In Persian with English subtitles
USA Premiere

Directed By: Ali Zamani Esmati
Screewriter: Ali Zamani Esmati
Cinematographer: Masoud Salami
Editor: Ali Zamani Esmati
Music: Peyman Sadeghian
Cast: Parisa Poor Ghasemi, Meysam Jahan Khah, Seyed Mohammad Hosseini, Seyed Reza Hosseini, Sadegheh Arami


When two boys steal the family cassette player Parisa has snuck out of her house, they also get her most prized possession ó a tape with her dead fatherís voice on it. Determined to get it back, the young girl enlists a friend to help track the boys down. Meanwhile, the cassette player itself goes on a rather incredible journey. In this meditation on the way in which little things can take on huge importance, writer/director Ali Zamani Esmati coaxes quietly touching performances from an extremely young cast.


Ali Zamani Esmati : Born in Yazd in 1973, Ali Zamani Esmati graduated in engineering. He began his film career as a camera man and screenplay, and then made an 8mm documentary film titled ‚ÄúThe Travelers‚ÄĚ. Subsequently he made a number of short films in different formats which have been screened at international festivals and won him over 15 prizes.

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