LAFF: The Premiere of Skateistan - LA (June 20, 2011)

Cast and Crew of Skateistan: Director Kai Sehr, Screenwriter Nadia Soraya Hennrich, Rene Kock - LA (June 20, 2011) by QH

Director Kai Sehr- LA (June 20, 2011) by QH  Editor & Screenwriter Nadia Soraya Hennrich - LA (June 20, 2011) by QH

In this superb documentary, Skateistan shows the real Afghanistan and the tough challenges facing an independent NGO. It profiles the lives of Afghan children and their struggle for better life. Half the Afghan population is now under 15 years. Health and literacy are two major areas of concern. Skateboarding is an excuse to reach out to the children and provide them with care.

Skateistan: Four Wheels and a Board in Kabul
(Afghanistan, 2011, 95 mins)
In English, Dari and German with English subtitles
Directed By: Kai Sehr
Executive Producer: Ken Meyer
Producer: Rene Kock
Screenwriter: Nadia Soraya Hennrich
Cinematographer: Ralf K. Dobrick
Editor: Nadia Soraya Hennrich
Cast: Oliver Percovich, Sharna Nolan, Mirwais Ahmad, Andreas Schützenberger
Music: Rex Faraday


Director Kai Sehr talks about Skateistan (5:45)

Editor & Screenwriter (7:59)

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