LAFF: The Premiere of 'The Iran Job'

LAFF: The Premiere of 'The Iran Job' - LA (June 15, 2012)

Kevin Sheppard Till Schauder

Sara Nodjoumi Kevin Sheppard & Till Schauder

Kevin Sheppard (5:47)

Till Schauder (9:30)

The basketball scenes alone makes the entire movie worth watching. It's very intense and entertaining. One gets a deeper look inside the lives of the athletes, coaches and fans. Till Schauder does a fabulous job directing this challenge. The documentary has a very raw feel to it because there's no script. Hence, some of the dialogue is clunky. Different audiences may interpret the scenes in different ways.

Still from The Iran Job

The Iran Job
2012 Germany , Iran , USA | 93 mins | Documentary
English & Persian with English subtitles
Director: Till Schauder
Executive Producer: Abigail Disney
Producers: Sara Nodjoumi, Till Schauder
Editor: David Teague
Cinematographer: Till Schauder
Music: Kareem Roustom
Cast: Kevin Sheppard, Leah Sheppard, Hilda, Laleh , Elaheh, Abdullah, Zoran "Z" Milicic, Center, Kami Jamshidvand, Forward, Ali Doraghi, Center, Mehdi Shirjang, Forward, Gholamreza Khajeh, Team Owner, Asadollah Kabir, Coach, Fereidoon Reisi, Manager, Mohammad Ahmadi, Analysis Coach, Ehsan, Driver

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