Women Nobel Peace Laureates Demand a Peaceful Solution to Iran-U.S. Conflict

We two women, Jody Williams and Shirin Ebadi, are Nobel Peace Prize Laureates from the United States and Iran. At this dangerous moment of heightening tension, with the probability of military conflict between our countries, we demand:

  • That our governments not resort to armed violence and instead negotiate a solution to the increasing crisis;
  • That our governments stop human rights violations and curtailment of civil liberties at home and abroad; Our civil rights and human rights, which of course includes women’s rights, must not be compromised in the war against terrorism;
  • That they reduce military budgets and use those resources in benefit of their peoples and the people of the world;
  • That our governments not inflame old hatreds and instead work toward a brighter future for our children;
  • Violence is a choice. We demand non-violent solutions to our common problems. Negotiated solutions to the current crises must also include our parliaments and NGO’s- the voices of civil society.

    We demand a non-violent world where human security is the basis of our common global security. People have the right to live in a world where the basic needs of all peoples are addressed.

    No more military attacks. No more war.

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