Dr. Maziar Behrooz Lecture - UCLA (October 22, 2007)

Maziar Behrooz & Nikki Keddie - UCLA (October 22, 2007 - by QH

Maziar Behrooz - UCLA (October 22, 2007 - by QH

Title of the lecture: Iran Under President Ahmadinejad

In this lecutre, Dr. Berhooz covered the US-Iran relations very broadly. He addressed specific issues in detail during the Q&A session. Prof. Keddie focused on gender issues during the Presidency of Ahamadinejad.

Maziar Behrooz Lecture - Real Audio (40:02)
Listen to Nikki Keddie's short overview - Real Audio (16:51)

Maziar Behrooz is Associate Professor at the History Department of San Francisco State University. He has authored numerous articles and book chapters on Iran and is the author of two books on the history of Iranian left movement. His first book is Rebels with a Cause (1999), which has been translated into Persian (2001) and Turkish (2006). His second book is Perspectives on the History of Rebels with a Cause in Iran published in Persian (2006).

This lecture was part of the CNES's Bilingual Lecture Series on Iran.

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