Regional Threats: Iran (Dr. Abbas Milani's speech) - UCLA (March 7, 2007)

Dr. Abbas Milani & General Lee Butler (March 7, 2007) - by QH

Dr. Abbas Milani, General Lee Butler (Moderator), Scott Sagan,  Nikki Keddie (March 7, 2007) - by QH

Dr. Scott Sagan (March 7, 2007) - by QH

Professor Nikki Keddie (March 7, 2007) - by QH

Dr. Abbas Milani (March 7, 2007) - by QH

Dr. Abbas Milani & Dr. Nader Bagherzadeh (March 7, 2007) - by QH


Watch Dr. Abbas Milani's Speech - Real Video (18:32) | Audio

This panel was part of a two day seminar at the Burkle center in UCLA titled "Nuclear Weapons in a New Century: Facing the Emerging Challenges".

Regional Threats: Iran
Professor Scott Sagan (Stanford University)
Professor Abbas Milani (Hoover Institution)
Professor Emeritus Nikki Keddie (UCLA)
Moderator: General Lee Butler (Ret.)


Professor Sagan: "I think we should be really, really worried about the potential of Iran for getting nuclear weapons. Potential military force would be counter-productive but we can get into the diplomatic solutions that I think still exist".

Professor Milani: "Enrichment is hardly worth risking the whole country to the brink of war."

Professor Keddie: "This is a history of two sided faults and problems. It's not just Iran defying the US on various things. But, there is a history on our side of major intervention in Iran which is still lived very much by Iranians to make them very suspicious of us."

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