Visit of the Shah of Iran White House Statement Issued Following the Second Meeting Between the President and the Shah.
November 16, 1977

President Carter and His Imperial Majesty The Shahanshah of Iran met November 16 in the Cabinet Room for 90 minutes. The President was accompanied by Vice President Mondale; Secretary of State Cyrus Vance; Zbigniew Brzezinski, Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs; Alfred L. Atherton, Jr., Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern and South Asian Affairs; U.S. Ambassador to Iran William Sullivan; and Gary Sick, National Security Council staff member; and His Majesty, by Foreign Minister, His Excellency A. A. Khalatbary and Iranian Ambassador to the United States Ardeshir Zahedi.

The President and His Majesty this morning, as well as in their discussions last evening, concluded their review of broad international developments of key interest to them both. In this discussion the President reviewed his approach to human rights throughout the world.

The meeting this morning centered largely on bilateral issues. They discussed the broad economic ties between our two countries and noted that the economic cooperation will continue to expand. In this part of the conversation, they examined the progress of our negotiations to reach accord on an agreement on the peaceful uses of nuclear energy. The President also offered suggestions for resolving some points that remain pending and expressed confidence that agreement can be achieved within his nonproliferation policy.

The President and His Majesty reviewed a number of military supply issues. The President again reaffirmed our support for a strong Iran, noting that Iran's security is a matter of the highest priority for this country. The President informed His Majesty that he would wish to work closely with Congress in meeting Iran's' security needs.

The President concluded by expressing his great pleasure at the personal ties he and His Majesty had established during this visit. They agreed that these personal ties are valuable in maintaining the longstanding and close relations between our two countries. They look forward to resuming their discussions during the visit the President hopes to make soon to Tehran.

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