Remarks at the Mehrabad Airport, Tehran, Upon Leaving for Greece.
December 14th, 1959

Your Majesty, Ladies and Gentlemen:

            During my brief hours here in Iran, I have learned much. First of all, I have learned about the hospitality and cordiality of the Iranian people and their leaders. I appreciate and am grateful for every greeting from every citizen that I saw all along the route.

I am particularly grateful to His Majesty for his many courtesies this morning to me and my party.

I should like to say a special word of farewell to the Diplomatic Corps. I should like to greet you again personally, but the hour grows late for my departure, and I must leave. I am sorry, and I want to apologize to this beautiful country and all its citizens because I didn't and couldn't stay longer. I would like to stay as many days as I have hours.

            Thank you until we can meet again. Goodbye.

NOTE: Following the luncheon at the Marble Palace, the President left for the airport accompanied by the Shah of Iran.

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