Toast by the President at a Luncheon Given in His Honor by Shah Mohammad Reza Pahlavi.
December 14th, 1959

Your Imperial Majesty:

            The American people have the greatest respect and admiration for the Iranian people. Your Kings from Cyrus and Darius are known among those famous monarchs who have advanced the cause of humanity. Your scientists have contributed to the foundations on which we have built our industrial society. Your philosophers and poets have enriched the culture of the West.

The fortitude of the Iranian people in the face of invaders and their resoluteness in maintaining their nation through the centuries have won admiration throughout the world.

Therefore, I propose a toast to the Shahinshah--may he continue to give wise leadership to his people. May God prosper him and them in their work of peace.

            Your Majesty, your good health.

NOTE: The President proposed this toast at a luncheon at the Marble Palace of the Shah of Iran, following the presentation of gifts to the President in the Crystal Room.

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