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Dr. Abolghassem Ghaffari talks about his memoirs - LA (January 23. 2009)

Dr. Abolghassem Ghaffari - (January 23. 2009) by QH

Dr. Abolghassem Ghaffari & Family (Vida & Mitra Ghaffari) - (January 23. 2009) by QH

Abolghassem Ghaffari, L-es-Sc., Dr. Sc. (Paris) and Ph.D (London), was born in Teheran on June 15, 1907, and educated at Darolfonoun School (Teheran). In 1929, he went to France and studied Mathematics and Physics at Nancy University, where he took his L-es-Sc. in Mathematics in 1932. After obtaining post-graduate diplomas in Physics, Astronomy, and Higher Analysis, he worked on Mathematical Physics with Professor Maurice Frechet at the Sorbonne (Paris University). There he obtained in 1936 his Doctor of Sciences with 'Mention tres honorable' for basic research on Mathematical Study of Brownian Motion and spent four months at Paris Observatory to work on problems in Celestial Mechanics. In 1937, he joined the Faculty of Sciences of Teheran University, where he was appointed full Professor of Higher Analysis from 1941 to 1956.


Dr. Abolghassem Ghaffari talks about his memoirs - Real Video (1:50:33)

Part I (56:32)

Part II (33:27)

Part III (20:32)

Abolghassem Ghaffari: Portrait - Young  Abolghassem Ghaffari: Mathematician

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