Iraj Afshar: Historian

Iraj Afshar (January 21, 2007) - by QH

Iraj Afshar (January 21, 2007) - by QH

Iraj Afshar & Leader

"an outstanding and industrious Iranologist" - The Leader

Short Bio
Iraj Afshar (October 8, 1925 - March 8, 2011) was a renowned historian and researcher. He was a consulting editor of Encyclopędia Iranica at Columbia University and a professor emeritus of University of Tehran. He was the editor of the Iranology journal Sokhan, Farhang-e Iranzamin, Ayandeh and author of numerous books and papers. He was the chief bibliographer of Persian books at Harvard University and served on the Advisory Council of the Iranian Studies Journal.

Prof. Afshar held simultaneous positions in Iran and abroad and served as a bridge between the civil society in Iran and the diasporic community. Furthermore, he played a key role as cultural ambassador of Iran and a symbolic role in the US-Iran relations.

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