Joint Statement Following Discussions With the Shah of Iran.
August 23, 1967

THE SHAHANSHAH and the President had very cordial and useful discussions covering a broad range of topics of common interest. Their talks reflected the long-standing friendly relations that exist between Iran and the United States. The President congratulated the Shahanshah on the progress of Iran's program of economic development and social reform and reviewed with the Shahanshah the scope for continued United States Government collaboration with Iran's development efforts. The two leaders also had a useful exchange of views on world food, water, and illiteracy problems and the efforts of both countries to enrich the lives of their peoples.

In this connection, the Shahanshah and the President reviewed preliminary plans for cooperation in studying the development of water resources in certain areas of Iran. A U.S. team of water experts will join an Iranian team to begin the study this fall. President Johnson assured His Majesty that the United States Government stands ready to share the technology it has developed so that adequate water may be available to meet Iran's needs.

The Shahanshah and the President reviewed the world situation and particularly the situation in the Middle East, and they agreed that a solution to the current tensions in the area should be sought in strict compliance with the principles of the United Nations Charter. The two leaders agreed to remain in close touch about the Middle East situation. The Shahanshah also reaffirmed Iran's determination to sustain adequate modern defense forces to ensure Iran's national security.

The Shahanshah and the President also discussed problems of building peace in other parts of the world and the President informed the Shahanshah about efforts of the United States to achieve peace in Vietnam. The Shahanshah and the President agreed on the importance of avoiding a widening of hostilities and the need to continue the search for a settlement on the basis of the 1954 Geneva Agreements which would also respect the rights of the Vietnamese people to determine their own destiny in freedom.

The Shahanshah expressed his thanks for the warm and friendly reception accorded him. Both the Shahanshah and the President agreed that the considerations which have motivated Iranian and American cooperation are today more pertinent than ever.

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