Remarks at the Shahyad Monument in Tehran, Iran.
May 30, 1972

Your Imperial Majesties, Mr. Mayor, ladies and gentlemen:
Nineteen years ago, Mrs. Nixon and I were welcomed to this great city after a long trip around the world. Now we come again to Tehran, and we see the progress that has occurred in those 19 years under the enlightened leadership of Your Majesty.

As we have come thus far from the airport, we have seen thousands of schoolchildren, and as we see them we think they are the future of Iran; they are the future of the world. We hope that the talks we have had this past week will contribute to a peaceful future for them, and we know, Your Majesty, that the talks I shall be privileged to have with you will provide counsel and wisdom also for the cause of peace and progress for all people, to which you have dedicated your life, and a cause in which we, all the people of the United States, are honored to cooperate with you.
Thank you.

NOTE: The President spoke at 4: 43 p.m. at the Shahyad (Memory of the Shah) Monument commemorating the 2,500th anniversary of the Persian Empire. He spoke without referring to notes.

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