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Studying Iranian Relationships (Survey)

Iranian-American Profile
Fact-sheet on the Iranian-American Community (ISG MIT)Nowruz Festival, Westwood - March 21, 2004
Overview of Socioeconomic Characteristic of Iranian-Americans based on the 2000 Census (ISG MIT)
Projects on Iranian-Americans (ISG MIT)
Irancensus (NIAC)
Iranian Americans: Immigration and Assimilation (PAAIA)
2017 Survey of Iranian Americans (PAAIA)
Americans Least Favorable Toward Iran (Gallup)
Spotlight on the Iranian Foreign Born (MIS)
The Iranian Americans: A Popular Social History of a New American Ethnic Group
Who We Are: The Perplexity of Iranian-American Identity (JSTOR)
Special Tabulation Results from the 2010 Census
Selected Characteristics for Persons of Iranian Ancestry: 1990 (U.S. Census) | Top-US-Ancestries
First Iranian-Amercian

US-Iran Relations
Dr. M. A. Modjtahedi Student Loan Fund

Southern California
Iranian-American News


Business Associations
Iranian-American Fan at the Rose Bowl - January 16, 2000
US-Iran draw 1-1 at the Rose Bowl - January 16, 2000 Entrepreneurship Foundation (CA)
Iranian-Americans' Contributions Project (Bay Area)
iBRIDGES (Bay Area)
Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce (LA)
Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce (Bay Area)
Iranian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Dallas
Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce Central Florida
Iranian-American Chamber of Commerce Orange County
Iranian Trade Association (San Diego)
NIPOC (Orange County)
Persian Tech Entrepreneurs
Persian Women In Tech (San Francisco)
Persian American Chamber of Commerce (Austin)
ISG MIT Iranian-American Community Survey 2005

Civic & Political Groups
Alliance of Iranian Americans, AIA (Southern California)
American Iranian Council (New Jersey)
American Iranian Friendship Council (Portland)
Iranian Alliances Across Borders, IAAB (New York)
Iranian American Political Action Committee (Washington D.C.)Iranian-American Community Leaders at the LA City Council
IA-100 Inc. (Washington D.C.)
Bay Area Iranian American Voter Association
California Society for Democracy in Iran
Democracy for America in Orange County
International Foundation for Civil Society (Utah)
Iranian-American Democrats of New York
Bay Area Iranian-American Democrats (BAIAD)
Iranian American Democrats of Irvine
Iranian American Democrats of Los Angeles
Iranian American Democrats of Orange County
Iranian American Democrats of San Diego
Iranian American Republican Council (Los Angeles)
National Iranian American Council, NIAC (Washington D.C.)
Network of Iranian American Society, NIAS (Orange County)
Pars Equality Center (Bay Area)
Persian Gulf online (Worldwide)
The Public Affairs Alliance of Iranian Americans, PAAIA (Washington D.C.)
West Asia Council (Washington D.C.)

Political Participation
Iranian-American Participation in Political Campaigns - Iranian Studies Group at MIT (January 2004)

LA Mayor Hahn & Shirin Ebadi at UCLA Royce Hall, May 14, 2004Shirin Ebadi at UCLA Royce Hall, May 14, 2004Shirin Ebadi at UCLA Royce Hall, May 14, 2004

Political Parties
Constitutionalist Party of Iran (CPI)
Green Party (Irvine)
Iran Liberal Democrats
Iran National Front (Washington D.C.) | News
Marze Por-Gohar (Los Angeles)
PanIranism (Bay Area)
United Republicans (DC/Irvine)

Dr. Ahmad Karimi Hakkak - Director of the Center of Persian Studies of the University of Maryland, by QH - May 28, 2005

Professional Associations
Association of Iranian American Professionals in San Diego (AIAP)
Association of Iranian Professionals of Austin
Association of Iranian Professionals of Houston
Association of Professors and Scholars of Iranian Heritage (APSIH)
The American Association of Teachers of Persian
The Association of Iranian American Writers (Philadelphia)
Intellectual Property Society of Iranian Americans (Virginia)
Iranian Academic Association, IAA (New York)
Iranian American Academics and Professionals (Washington D.C.)
Iranian American Bar Association (Washington D.C.)
IABA (San Diego)Designer Bijan Pakzad, by QH - June 23, 2006
Iranian Librarians Association of America (LA)
Iranian-American Physicists Network Group
Iranian/American Professional Society of Oregon
Iranian Chemists Association (Connecticut)
Iranian American Society of Civil Engineers (Irvine)
Iranian American Society of Engineers and Architects (Dallas)
Network of Iranian Professionals of New York
Professional Iranian Networking Society (Washington D.C.)
Society of Iranian Architects & Planners (Los Angeles)
Spirit of Iranian Noted Achievers (Boston)
Society of Iranian Professionals of Texas

Health Associations
Academy of Persian Physicians (Southren California)Dr. Fariborz Maseeh - Founder of Persian Studies program at the University of California at Irvine - by QH - October 10, 2009
Beverly Hills Iranian-American Doctors (BHIAD)
Iranian Dental Association of California (IDAC)
Iranian American Dental Association (LA)
Iranian Dental Club (Washington D.C.)
Iranian American Medical Association (New Jersey)
Iranian Medical Society (Beverly Hills)
Iranian American Mental Health Society (Irvine)
Iranian American Mental Health Organization in Northern California
Iranian-American Life Science Network (San Diego)
Iranian Psychological Association of America (LA)
Iranian American Nurses Association (California)
Iranian American Psychological Association (Los Angeles)
Iranian Society of Ophthalmologists & Vision Scientists (Kentucky)CNN Anchor Rudi Bakhtiar, by QH - May 21, 2005
Iranian Medical Society of Greater Washington
Persian American Cancer Institute
Persian American Society for Health Advancement (Southern California)
Society of Iranian-American Health Professionals (Virginia)
SoCal Persian American Medical Association
South Bay Persian Physicians Society

Iranian Studies
The American Institute of Iranian Studies (New York)
The Association for the Study of Persianate Societies (Chicago)
Center for Iranian Studies (Columbia U.)
Center for Iran and Persian Gulf Studies (Princeton U.)
Center for Iranian and Persian Gulf Studies (U. Oklahoma)Director Reza Badiyi - August 06, 2006, by QH
Center for Iranian Research and Analysis, CIRA (Connecticut)
Iranian and Persian Studies (Harvard) | Events
Consortium for Iranian Studies (San Francisco State U.)
Encyclopedia Iranica - Center for Iranian Studies (New York)
Foundation for Iranian Studies, FIS (Maryland)
ILEX Foundation (Massachusetts)
The International Society for Iranian Studies
Iranian Studies (UCLA)
Iranian Studies Initiative (NYU)
Iranian Studies (Stanford)
Iranian Studies (UC Davis)
The Iranian Studies Initiative (Yale)
The Iranian Studies Initiative (UC Santa Barbara)Judge Ashley Tabaddore - LA (March 15, 2008)
International Qajar Studies Association (Santa Barbara)
Persian Studies (UT Austin)
Persian & Iranian Studies (U. Arizona)
Persian Studies (U. Virginia)
Persian Studies (UC Irvine)
Persian Language, Linguistics, and Culture Program (U. Hawaii)
Pourdavoud Center for the Study of the Iranian World (UCLA)
Roshan Institute for Persian Studies (U. Maryland)
Persian and Iranian Studies (U. Washington)

Aftab Committee (Washington D.C.)
American Foundation for Contemporary Iranian Art (S. California)
Art of Iran (Virginia)Playwright Houshang Touzie & Actress Sheila Vossough - LA (March 2, 2008), by QH
Center For Iranian Modern Arts (New York)
The Center for Iranian Music (Pittsburgh)
Honar Foundation (New York)
Iranian Visual Artists (LA)
Kanoon (Seattle)
Pasfarda (Chicago)
Persian Arts Festival (New York)
Persian Arts Society (LA)
Rumi Art Society (Austin)
30 Voices - Women's Art (LA)Anousheh Ansari - UCLA March 1, 2007

Cultural & Educational Organizations
Andisheh (Oregon)
Anjoman-E-Naft (S. California)
Berkeley Lecture Series
Central Virginia Iranian American Society (Richmond)
Cupertino Iranian Community (Bay Area)
CYRUS Institute of Knowledge (MA)
Dast2Dast (Virginia)Shohreh Aghdashloo - by QH (April 3, 2005)
Damavand Cultural Foundation (Maryland)
Danesh Institute (Indiana)
Evecina Cultural & Educational Foundation (Irvine)
Farhang Foundation (S. California)
Ferdosi Society (Bay Area)
Hamzaban (LA)
House of Iran (San Diego)
IHF America (Redwood City)
Inter Cultural Center, ICC (Virginia)
International Society for Iranian Culture, ISIC (New York)
Iranian Cultural Foundation (Houston)
Iranian-American Community Center (Washington D.C.)
Iranian-American Cultural Association of Missouri (St. Louis)
IrAmerican Civic Society of America (Washington D.C.)
Iranian American Foundation (Florida)Christiane Amanpour - Beverly Hills (October 16, 2008) - by QH (January 5, 2007)
Iranian American Society of Arizona (Phoenix)
Iranian American Society of California
Irvine Iranian Parent Association (IIPA)
Iranian American Society of Arizona
Iranian-American Association of Memphis (IAAM)
Iranian American Society of New York (IAS)
Iranian Association of Boston
Iranian-American Community Group (Irvine)
Iranian Cultural Center of Orange County (ICCOC)
Iranian Cultural Society of America (Pennsylvania)
Iranhouse (Chicago)
Iranian American Society of Greater Daytona Beach
Iranian Cultural Club (Fresno)
Iranian Cultural Association (Washington D.C.)
Iranian Cultural Foundation (Houston)
Iranian Cultural Society (Illinois)Iranian American Beauty Queens: Shally Zomorodi & Samira Houshiar - Los Angeles - by QH (March 16, 2007
Iranian Cultural Society of Philadelphia
Iranian-American Comunity of Utah (IACU)
Iranian-American Cultural Society of Maryland
Iranian Cultural Center (Flordia)
Iran Cultural and Educational Center (Maryland)
Iranian Cultural Society of New Mexico
Iranian American Society of New York
Iranian American Cultural Association (Washington DC)
Iranian American Community Alliance (Seattle)
Iranian American Meetup
Iranian American Parents Association of Beverly HillsAzadeh Moaveni - by QH (March 23, 2005)
Iranian-American Volunteer Alliance, IAVA (Virginia)
Iransara Community Association of Southern Arizona (Tucson)
Iran Heritage (Southern California)
Iranian Women's Studies Foundation, IWSF (Massachusetts)
Jewel of Persia (Irvine)
Kamal Cultural Foundation (San Diego)
Kanoon Iran (Virginia)
Mehrgan Foundation (San Diego)
Mehregan: Iranian Teachers Association (Washington D.C.)Sussan Deyhim - Royce Hall UCLA - by QH (February 4, 2005)
New York Persian Cultural Center
Organization of Iranian Scholars (San Diego)
Noor va Danesh (New Jersey)
Norooz Outreach (Bay Area)
Nowruz Commission (D.C.)
Nowruz Festival (Virginia)
Palos Verdes Iranian Youth Cultural Society
Pars Educational and Cultural Society (Chicago)
Persia House (Michigan)
Persian American Society (San Mateo)
Persian Center (Berkeley)
Persian Cultural Center of the Carolinas (Charllote)
Persian Chorus (Berkeley)Shahrzad Sepanlou - by QH (March 10, 2006)
Persian Cultural Center (Virginia)
Central Virginia Iranian American Society
Orange County Persian Community (OCPC)
Pasargad Foundation (Colorado)
Persian Cultural Club (Campbell, CA)
Persian Cultural Foundation (New Jersey)
Persian Cultural Center (San Diego)
Persian Comunity Center of Atlanta
Persian Cultural & Humanitarian Association (New Jersey)
Persian Parade (NY)
Persian Studies and Persia House at PSU (Portland)Porochista Khakpour - by QH (May 3, 2008)
Rumi Educational Center (Santa Barbara)
Roshan Cultural Heritage Institute (Washington D.C.)
Shabahang - Iranian Cultural Society of America (Philadelphia)
Shabeh Jomeh
Society for Promotion of Persian Culture (Indiana)
South Bay Persian Heritage Foundation (S. California)
Texas Persian Cultural Center
The Translation Project (Bay Area)

Religious-SpiritualShiva Rose - February 19, 2007, by QH
IMAN (Los Angeles)
Islamic Foundation (Canoga Park)
Imam Ali Center (Kansas City)
Islamic Institute of New York
Islamic Center Locator
SABA Islamic Center (Bay Area)
Iranian Christians International (Colorado Springs)
Persian Ministries
Iranian American Jewish Association (Political)
Iranian American Jewish Federation - S. California (Political) | New York
Chabad Persian Youth (LA)
Persian Jewish Center (New York)Niyaz Vocalist Azam Ali - August 25, 2005, by QH
The National Spiritual Assembly of the Baha'is of the US (Illinois)
Darbe Mehr Zoroastrian Temple (New York)
The Zarathushtrian Assembly (Anaheim)
Federation of Zoroastrian Associations of North America, FEZANA (Illinois)
California Zoroastrian Center
Persian Zoroastrian Organization (Bay Area)
Zoroastrian Association of Greater New York (ZAGNY)
Zoroastrian Association of North Texas
Zoroastrian Association of Metropolitan Washington (ZAMWI)

Educational Foundations (Scholarships)
Amouzegar Scholarship in Persian Studies
Arasteh FoundationHaale Gafari - by QH (January 5, 2007)
Bita Daryabari Scholarship for Women in Economics
The Dabiri Foundation
Foroutan Foundation
The Hand Foundation
Houtan Scholarship Foundation (New Jersey)
IABA Scholarship
IABA Foundation
The Iranian Scholarship Fund
Iranian-American Scholarship Fund (San Diego)
Iranian Artist Scholarship, EP (Washington D.C.)
IAB Scholarship (Boston)
IFWC Scholarships (Bay Area)
Iranian American Society
Islamic Scholarship FundIran Vs Us Volleyball at the Galen Center - USC (August 9, 2014), by QH
Dr. M.A. Modjtahedi Foundation (Student Loan Fund)
Momeni Foundation (Oregon)
Moms Against Poverty (S. California)
Nahal Scholarship Foundation (Bay Area)
Malakeh Taleghani Scholarship & Endowment (Arizona)
Alireza Pahlavi Fellowship (Minnesota)
Dr. Nasser Sharify Foundation (New York)
Persian Scholarship Program
Society of Iranian American Women for Education, SIAWE (Texas)
U. Maryland Persian Flagship Program Scholarship
UC Davis Iranian Alumni Association Scholarship
More...Masters of Persian Music - UCSB (February 28, 2006), by QH

Persian Schools
Alborz (San Jose)
Anar (LA)
Chicago Persian School
Eftekhar Persian School (Milwaukee)
Ferdowsi Persian Language School (New York)
Golestan Kids (Berkeley)
GWC Huntington BeachNIPOC Volunteers at Mehregan (October 14, 2007) - by QH
IEC (Houston)
Iranian Community School (Virginia)
Iranian School of San Diego
Kanoon (Seattle)
Kharazmi Persian School (New Jersey)
Khayam Educational Group (Orange County)
MTO Persian School (US)
Persian Academy (Washington DC)
Persian School of SeattleMehrgan Festival - Orange County, by QH - October 2, 2004
Payvand School (Bay Area)
New York City Classes

Persian Courses
College & Universities offering Persian courses

Student Organizations
Iranian Student Alliance in America (Berkeley)
Iranian Studies Group at MIT (Cambridge)

Support Groups
Mehrgan Festival - Orange County, by QH - October 2, 2005

Association of Iranian American Seniors (AIAS)

International Cup of Iran
Iranian American Volleyball Club
Iranian American Wrestling Association - by QH
Jame Doosti
Persian Snow Festival
Unity Cup
Zoroastrian Sports Committee (ZSC)

Iranian Women's Studies Foundation (IWSF)
The Iranian-American Women's Foundation (Irvine)
Iranian American Women's Society (Palos Vedes)Mehregan Festival - Orange County September 10, 2006 - by QH
Iran Rooyan (Virginia)
The Women's Center (Maryland)
Unique Zan Foundation (S. California)

Camp Ayandeh2nd Generation College Students - by QH
PAAIA Nexgen
PerGen (S. California)

Charities & Relief Organizations
Alavi Foundation (New York)
Ashiané (New York)
Alborz Humanitarian Foundation (Southern California)
AyenehPersian sorority by QH - September 26, 2010
Bonyad Norooz (North Carolina)
Boroumand Foundation (New York)
Child Foundation (Oregon)
Children's Hope International Literacy & Development (California)
Children of Persia (Maryland)
Dast2Dast (Virginia)
Earthquake Relief Funds for Orphans (Massachusetts)
Iranian Children (Southern California)
International Society for Children with Cancer (S. California)
Iranian Refugees Alliance Inc. (New York)Dariush concert raising funds for charities, Los Angeles - July 24, 2004
Kahrizak Charity Foundation (Los Angeles)
Keep Children in School Foundation (Los Angeles)
Nasiri Foundation (Bay Area)
Omeed (Massachusetts)
Omid for Iran (Utah)
Massiah Foundation (Boston)
Mehr Humanitarian Society (New Jersey)
Nasiri Foundation (San Francisco)
Neda Nobari Foundation (New Hampshire)Manoochehr Sadeghi Ensemble - Dorothy Chandler Pavilion (December 24, 2005)
Omid Foundation (Maryland)
PARSA Community Foundation
Rahmat Foundation (New York)
Razi Health Foundation (New Jersey)
Roya Foundation (Stockton)
Semnani Family Foundation (Utah)
Simin Hope Foundation (LA)
Ziba Foundation (New Jersey)

Human Rights Organizations
Center for Human Rights in Iran (New York)
The Iran Human Rights Documentation Center, IHRDC (Connecticut)
More....The Lian Ensemble, Los Angeles (September 18, 2005) - by QH

Continental United States at night  NASA/NOAA

EventsNoorsaaz Ensemble - Pasadena (September 27, 2007)
7Rooz (Bay Area)
Chicago Events
New York Persians
NW Persians
Seattle Iranians
Persian Events (East Coast)Dafreez Ensemble - Bowers Museum, Santa Ana (April 26, 2008)
Persian Events (East Coast & Europe)

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