Poems by Parisa Shahramiri

Voice Of The Heart Ancient wall

From the top
Candles of sigh,
Nothing remains
For heart to save,
Just the dark hole,
Dying stars and blind eyes.
The end of idle is vain,
Seeing the old words
On the walls of night
Watching to find your life
But nothing there was,
Holding the base of love
But it was so shaky
Because of the thick,
Heavy dust and fog.

Break the wings,
Stay without fright,
Be glad like the birds,
Sing whatever you want,
Choose future, present for life,
Otherwise break the time,
Destroy the dark,
Pass the forest of the fright,
Do not allow the wind
Make you feel what it wants.

No belief for heart,
No thought for buds
To save the root of life.
No change in soil
To keep the road
Passable through the night.
The dark will come
Without any fright,
Sorrow in eyes shines
By tears of smiles.
Nothing to be trusted,
Nothing to take
Within the heart
For warming life
Through the night.
What is this cold?
Who gave the smile
To the small child
To cheat his eyes

Real life
For the right of the sun
For the whiteness of the snow
Do the same, keep it on,
Bring the kind
And the truth in the heart.
Have the sight
In your thought
Not the eyes,
Share the truth
Go with heart,
You will see
How nice would be life!

This way is only yours,
So pick up the green bough.
Leave the solitude song,
That will be late
For making the breeze
Soft and kind.
Bring the shout
Into the sea
And the anger
Through the heart,
And make the road
Passable within the nights,
Make the waves
So long and deep,
By keeping thought
Always in heart
It is easy
To walk on the mud.

Author's Biography:

Parisa ShahramiriI was born and grown up in Iran. After the war between Iraq and Iran, we got back to our small city, Abadan. I finished my guidance & high school there and continue my studies at university and got MA. Furthermore, I like to continue my studies and get Doctorate degree. I started writing poetry when I was a teenager and studying at university. It was in that time that I became interested in English poems and wanted to write to release my soul and bring whatever was in my heart on the paper. Actually I am satisfied by writing English poems. Then I decided to publish my first book in 2002, after that I published my second poetry book (Dream of love) in 2006. I have translated English story books into Persian and published teaching books and articles. Also, I'm fond of painting and like to do landscape and want to follow it to the professional level. This book reflects my thoughts and feelings on many different things and expresses my feelings as the young girl. Voice of the heart is a collection that includes 54 English poems that are my own work. Actually it was published first in 2002 and included 80 poems but in this collection I excluded some of them. Poetry is the expression of our soul and a reflection of our deepest emotions. My poems are inspired by my thoughts on life. Some of the poems really reflect my inner feelings. Some express realities and the grief of people around me.

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