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Detailed Map of the Middle East

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Middle East Newsfeed
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Associations & Societies
American Oriental Society (AOS)
The British Society for Middle Eastern Studies (BRISMES)
Canadian Committee of the Middle East Studies Association
Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft Vorderer Orient (DAVO)
European Association of Middle East Studies
Japan Association of Middle East Studies
Middle East Studies Association at University of Arizona
Nordic Society for Middle Eastern Studies

Centers & Institutes (Europe)
University of Bergen: Center For Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies
University of Cambridge: Faculty of Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
University of Cambridge: Centre of Islamic Studies (CMEIS)
Cardiff University: Centre for the Study of Islam in the UK (CSI-UK)
University of Durham: Centre for Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies
Deutsche Orient-Institut (DOI)
University of Edinburgh: Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies | Library Resources
University of Leipzig: Oriental Institute
University of Lieden: Netherlands Institute for the Near East (NINO)
University of London/School of Oriental & African Studies
University of Oxford: Oriental Institute
University of Oxford: Near and Middle Eastern Studies Programme
St Antony's College, Oxford: Middle East Center
University of Manchester: Department of Middle Eastern Studies
University of Zurich: Orientalisches Seminar
Warsaw University: Oriental Institute

Centers & Institutes (North America)
American Middle East Institute
Brandeis University: Near Eastern and Judaic Studies
Brookings Institution: The Saban Center for Middle East Policy
Carnegie Middle East Center
Columbia University: Middle East Studies
Cornell University: Department of Near Eastern Studies
Dartmouth College: Middle East Studies
Emory University: Middle Eastern and South Asian Studies
Harvard University: Center of Middle Eastern Studies
Ilex Foundation (Boston)
Middle East Strategy at Harvard (MESH)
Johns Hopkins University: Near Eastern Studies
Middle East Research and Information Project (MEIRP)
Middle East Institute (Research Org)
Middle East Policy Council (Research Org)
Middle East Studies Program (CSIS)
National Middle East Language Resource Center
New York University: The Hagop Kevorkian Center for Near Eastern Studies
Ohio State University: Middle East Studies Center
The Oriental Institute (Research Center at University of Chicago | ABZU (Research Archives)
Portland State University: Middle East Studies Center
Princeton University, Near Eastern Studies | Resouces
Rutgers University: Center for Middle Eastern Studies
Universtity of Chicago: Center for Middle Eastern Studies
UC Berkeley Center for Middle Eastern Studies
UCLA Center for Near Eastern Studies
UCSB Center for Middle East Studies
University of Denver Center for Middle East Studies
University of Michigan: Center for Middle Eastern and North African Studies
University of Michigan: Near Eastern Studies
University of Pennsylvania: Middle East Center
Univresity of Toronto: Near and Middle Eastern Civilizations
University of Utah: Middle East Center
University of Virginia: Middle East Center
University of Washington: Middle East Studies Center
University of Washington: Near Eastern Languages & Civilizations
UW-Madison: Middle East Studies
Washington Institute for Near East Policy
Washington University St. Louis: Asian and Near Eastern Languages and Cultures
Washington University St. Louis: Near Eastern Studies
Yale University: Near Eastern Languages and Cultures

Virtual Libraries & Resources
The Avalon Project: The Middle East 1916 - 2001: A Documentary Record (Yale Law School)
The British Library Resources for Middle Eastern studies
Global Connections: The Middle East (PBS)
The Gulf/2000 Project (Columbia University)
Le Monde diplomatique - Middle East: A special focus
Links to Resources on the Middle East (University of Michigan)
MENALIB: Middle East Virtual Library
Middle East Collections - Alphabetical list by title (Archive Editions-UK)
Middle East Collections (Leiden University)
Middle East & Islamic Studies Collection (Cornell University)
Middle East Documents and Background (Mideast Web)
MidEastWeb - Historical Documents (Mideast Web)
Middle East timeline (BBC)
Middle Eastern Studies Research Guide (Emory University)
Middle Eastern Studies Resources at Bobst Library
Middle East Subjects Guide (Archive Editions-UK)
Minority Group Assessments for Middle East and North Africa, CIDCM (U. Maryland)
Mölndals stadsbibliotek (Sweden)
Near Eastern Collection (Yale University)
Research Guide to Middle East Politics (Yale University)
Orentalistik (Bibliothek der Universität Konstanz)
University of Delaware: Resources for Middle Eastern Studies
Virtual Library: International Affairs Resources--Middle East

Government & Law
Foreign Governments/Middle East and North Africa (Univesity of Michigan)
Middle East & Asian Governments on the WWW
Political Resources: Middle East
Islamic and Middle Eastern Law (SOAS)
Islamic Law - Sharia (LLRX)
Islamic Law (WorldLLI)
Islamic Law and Society
Islamicatalogue Law Index
Middle East Legal Systems (Cornell University)
World Legal Materials from the Middle East (Cornell University)
Web Resources for Foreign Law and Governments (Emory University)

Government Reports
Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
Country Information (Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade)
Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade (Canada)
Middle East & North Africa (Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade Canada)
Le Ministère des Affaires étrangères (France)
The Middle East Country Files (Le Ministère des Affaires étrangères - France)
Country and Travel Information (Auswärtiges Amt - Bundesrepublik Deutschland)
EU's Mediterranean & Middle East Policy (European Union)
EU and the Middle East Peace Process (European Union)
Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Japan)
Japan - Middle East Relations (Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan)
Foreign & Commonwealth Office (UK)
Middle East & North Africa (UK Foreign & Commonwealth Office)
Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs (U.S. Department of State)

International Relations
The Center for Strategic & International Studies.
Center for Security Studies
The Eisenhower Institute
European Centre for Conflict Prevention
Federation of American Scientists
Foreign Affairs
Country Indicators for Foreign Policy (CIFP)
The International Institute for Strategic Studies
SOSIG: International Relations
The National Security Archive
Stimson Center
U.S. Department of State

Policy Institutes
Atlantic Council
Brookings Institution
Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Council On Foreign Relations.
RandThe Great Pyramid of Giza - USDOS Photo

Arab Resources
League of Arab States (Official Site)
Quick guide - Arab League (BBC)
Timeline - Arab League (BBC)
League of Arab States (Al Bab)
The Arab World (Library of Congress)

Arab & Islamic Studies
Arab Social Science Research
Centre D'études Euro-Arabe (CEEA)
European Institute for Research on Mediterranean and Euro-Arab Co-operation - MEDEA
Institute of Ismaili Studies
Institute du Monde Araba, Aix en Provence
Mcgill University & the Universit de Montral: Interuniversity Consortium for Arab Studies
Rutgers University: Islamic Studies
Australian National University: Centre for Arab & Islamic Studies
Georgetown University: Center for Contemporary Arab Studies
University of Birmingham: Islamic Studies
University of Denver: Institute for Islamic-Judaic Studies
University of Exeter: Institute of Arabic and Islamic Studies
University of Leeds: Department of Arabic and Middle Eastern Studies
University of Melbourne: Arabic Studies | Islamic Studies
Islamic Studies Program | University of Michigan
University of St. Andrews: Institute of Middle East, Central Asia and Caucasus Studies
University of Sydney: Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies
University of Wales school of Islamic Studies
Villanova University: Center for Arab and Islamic Studies

Late Islamic Art - LACMA

Islamic Resources
Glossary of Islamic Terms and Terms
Alkhazina Interactive Database (Princeton University)
Arab World and Islamic Resources (AWAIR)
BBC Islam
Islam around the World (BBC)
Islam and the West (BBC)
Islam (Columbia University)
Islamic Resources (Andover-Harvard Theological Library)
Islam On-line
Islam Bibliography
Islamic and Middle Eastern Studies Databases (Edinburgh University Library)
Islamic LinksTile section of a mihrab, Kashan, Iran - LACMA
Oxford Islamic Studies Online
Islamic Manuscripts at Michigan
Minasian Collection of Persian and Arabic manuscripts (UCLA)
Oxford & Cambridge Islamic Manuscripts Catalogue Online: OCIMCO
Yale-SOAS Islamic Manuscript Gallery
Wellcome Arabic manuscript cataloguing partnership
Virtually Islamic: Research and News about Islam in the Digital Age
Internet Islamic History Sourcebook (Fordham University)
Islamic Calendar
Conversion of Islamic and Christian dates
Islamic and Middle East Law (SOAS)
Yale-SOAS Islamic Manuscript Gallery
Islamic Family Law (Emory University)
Islamic Texts and Resources Meta Page
Islamic World Resources
Modernity and Islam (Institute for advanced studies Berlin)
Islam and Modernity (PBS)
Islam and Modernity (NTPI)
The Center for Muslim-Christian Understanding (Georgetown University)
Understanding Islam
The Noble Qur'anIslamic Calligraphy - LACMA 2009
The Hajj (Princeton)
The Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC)
Islamic Arts & Architecture
Islamic Civilization
Islamic Medicine
Islamic Culture and the Medical Arts (National Library of Medicine)
Muslim Heritage
Islamic Philosophy
Muslim Scientists and Scholars

Mural of Sufi Dervishes

Sufism -- Sufis -- Sufi Orders
Sufi-related resources
Sufi Studies
The International Association of Sufism
The Threshold Society

Journals & Periodicals
The American Journal of Islamic Social Sciences
Arabic Sciences and Philosophy
British Journal of Middle Eastern Studies
Harvard Middle Eastern and Islamic Review
The International Journal of Middle East Studies
Journal of Iranian Studies Studies
Iran Nameh Journal
Journal of Arabic and Islamic Studies
Journal of Islamic Studies
Journal of Near Eastern Studies
Journal of Palestine Studies
Middle East Intelligence Bulletin
Middle East Journal
Middle East Studies Online Journal
Middle East Policy
Middle East Report
Middle East Review of International Affairs (MERIA)
The Washington Report On Middle East Affairs

Encyclopaedia & Electronic Reference
Encyclopedia of the Orient
Encyclopaedia Iranica
Middle East Reference: Chronologies and Biographies
Confidential Print: Middle East, 1839-1969

British Library Middle East Resources
Columbia University: Middle East Library Collections
Duke Library: Middle Eastern Studies
Durham University Library: Middle East Document Unit Online Catalog
Harvard HOLLIS Catalog
Middle Eastern Collection at Harvard College Library
Hoover Institution Library and Archives: Middle East Collection
Library of Congress: African and Middle Eastern Reading Room
McGill University: Islamic Studies Library
New York Public Library: The Asian and Middle Eastern Division
Princeton University Library: Near East Collections
University of London: SOAS Library Catalog
University of Michigan Library: Near East Division
University of Oxford: Mapping Asia
University of Texas at Austin: Middle Eastern Studies
University of Washington: Near East
Yale University: Near East Collection
Libraries with Middle East Collections On the Internet

The British Museum
The Carnegie Endowment
DU Center for Middle East Studies
The Oriental Institute
The Middle East Institute
Woodrow Wilson Center

Detailed Map of the Middle East (377 KB)
Middle East Graphic 2003 - 167 KB (NIMA)
Middle East 1990 (US Army)
Middle East Colonial Rule, 1920 (US Army)
Maps of the Middle East (University of Texas at Austin)
Historical Maps of the Middle East (University of Texas at Austin)
Maps of the Islamic Middle East (Princeton University)
Maps Relating to Islam's Historical Development (University of Pennsylvania)
Middle East Maps (Dartmouth)
Oriental Institute Map Series
Antiquarian Maps & Books
United Nations Cartographic Section
40 maps that explain the Middle East (VOX)

Museums & GalleriesArdabil Carpet
Department of the Ancient Near East (British Museum)
Oriental Antiquities (British Museum)
Islamic Art (Victoria and Albert Museum)
Egyptian Museum
Egyptian Antiquities (Louvre Museum)
Islamic Art (Louvre Museum)
Near Eastern Antiquities (Louvre Museum)
National Museum of Iran
The Near East Section of the Library of Congress
Near East Collections: An Illustrated Guide (Library of Congress)
Oriental Institute Museum
Blue Marble - MODIS

Satellite Images & Seismicity
Satellite Images of the Middle East (NASA) | MODIS
Satellite Images of the Middle East (Various Sources)
Current Seismicity for the Middle East
Seismicity of the Middle East-USGS (1975-1995)

Persian Gulf Region

Iran Resources


Country Profiles (CIA)
Bahrain - Cyprus - Egypt - Gaza Strip - Iran - Iraq - Israel - Jordan - Kuwait - Lebanon - Oman - Qatar - Saudi Arabia - Syria - Turkey - UAE - West Bank - Yemen

Country Studies (The Library of Congress)
Bahrain - Cyprus - Egypt - Iran - Iraq - Israel - Jordan - Kuwait - Lebanon - Oman - Qatar - Saudi Arabia - Syria - Turkey - UAE

Country Background Notes (U.S. Department of State)
Bahrain - Cyprus - Egypt - Iran - Iraq - Israel - Jordan - Kuwait - Lebanon - Oman - Syria - Turkey - Qatar - Saudi Arabia - UAE - Yemen

Country Web Sites (U.S. Department of State)
Bahrain - Egypt - Iran - Iraq - Israel - Jordan - Kuwait - Lebanon - Oman - Qatar - Saudi Arabia - Syria - Yemen

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