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A popular news aggregator was used as an analog for the structure of our news page. We adopted the best features from that site and modified the structure of the news page based on our needs. News is divided into sections based on article types and we keep an archive of related articles. We link only to mainstream news sources that offer free archives. Furthermore, we occasionally publish Op-Eds sent exclusive to us.

News pertaining to Iranian-Americans is posted separately at another page. There is an eclectic mix of news from a wide range of sources in our news feed page. We have combined news from Western sources and sources inside Iran so that there is a good balance. This page is set up for our non-Iranian visitors who're unable to read the Persian font. Additionally, we have set up the Guide to Iranian news so that they can access news sources directly. We also have integrated news feeds to complement our selection of news links. We're living in the age of news feeds (i.e FB, Twitter). RSS feeds update automatically and help us portray a neutral image. Hence, we're the least political site among the Iranian-American portals and strive to be the most independent.

Keep in mind that you must subscribe and pay a fee to receive timely defence, business and oil & gas news. As a policy, we don't repost press releases from unpopular Iranian-American organizations funded by the super-rich. The so-called grass root organizations often use Mafia tactics to silence the voice of independent media in order to be the "credible voice" for all of us. Nevertheless, people respect and trust the media over special interest groups and lobbyists. It's our responsibility to monitor and be critical of anyone.

It's possible to take the news page to a higher level but we would need funding from private sponsors or institutions. A news subscription from a wire service and additional staff would make a world of difference. Yet, we may compromise our independence and integrity. That is the main reason why our news page has never been revamped.

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