October 4, 2004

Klinsmann urges continued German aid for Bam quake victims

Berlin, Oct 4, IRNA -- German national football team trainer Juergen Klinsmann called on his compatriots to continue their efforts to aid the victims of last December's devastating earthquake in the southeastern Iranian city of Bam.

Speaking to IRNA in Berlin on Monday ahead of Saturday's Bam charity match between Germany and Iran, Klinsmann said, "I think these horrific pictures which went around the world, have touched everyone and I think everyone sympathizes with the Iranian population."

"One feels with the (Bam) victims and it hurts your heart when you see these pictures and I wish that these (relief) actions continue. If we can help with our national team then we will be happy to do so," he added.

He urged all Germans who are in the economic, sports and cultural sectors to do their utmost to help the survivors of the Bam earthquake.

The friendly between Iran and Germany is expected to raise one million euros of which 400,000 euros will be donated to the Bam relief fund, the German public television network ZDF said Sunday evening.

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