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Persian Square approved for Los Angeles, thanks to Paul Koretz motion

Press Release
February 26, 2010

The Persian Community of Los Angeles is finally being given the recognition it deserves the intersection of Westwood Boulevard and Wilkins Avenue will soon be known as "Persian Square", thanks to an important motion by Los Angeles City Councilmember Paul Koretz.

The motion by Councilmember Koretz was unanimously approved today by the Los Angeles City Council.

Councilmember Koretz said, "Today is a landmark day in the City of Los Angeles, for it is on this day that our City has chosen to give lasting honor to the amazing vitality and historic contributions of our wonderful Persian community."

The Councilmember also noted that, "I am so proud and delighted that this tremendous tribute is occurring right here in Westwood, located in the 5th Council District that I represent. Our local Persian businesses and residents of the Westwood area have been a magnificent gift to all of us in the 5th District, and have blessed and enriched us with dynamic culture and commerce, and countless friends."

Alex Helmi, a renowned leader of the Persian community, said,"This is a thrilling occasion, for now we are officially recognized for our efforts to make Los Angeles a welcoming place of accomplishment for people of Persian heritage. We are grateful to Paul Koretz and his fellow Councilmembers for this monumental compliment. I know we will always remember this day with joy, just as we will always do our best to give back to Los Angeles."

The Westwood-Wilkins intersection is of particular significance because it is on one corner of that intersection that the first Persian business was opened in the City of Los Angeles. Since then, there has been a major influx of Persian businesses and residents into this area. Many of the businesses on Westwood Boulevard between Wilshire Boulevard and Ohio Avenue are owned and operated by people of Persian cultural identity.

The decision to name the intersection "Persian Square" was championed by Councilmember Koretz at the request of several members and organizations of the Persian community. There had been support by the business community along Westwood Boulevard and by the local residential community. As a result of today's City Council approval of the Paul Koretz motion, the City's Department of Public Works will be directed to implement the designation of the new name, and the Department of Transportation will be instructed to design and install signs bearing that name.

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Councilmember Paul Koretz
200 North Spring Street, Room 440
Los Angeles, CA 90012

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