The last time we saw Babak, he was in Persepolis with Amoo Norooz, learning about the Persian New Year and rejoicing in the fact that he can celebrate his unique situation with his cousins Saman and Sousanne. Now, looking older and wiser, Babak is back with a new group of friends with an animated television series called Mixed Nutz. The series has aired on PBS and Shaw Canada and about 15 other countries worldwide.

The new show Mixed Nutz is about a group of kids who feel like they just don?t fit in. Perhaps one of the most fun episodes is "Persian Adventure" when Saman, Sousanne and Babak travel to Iran with the help of a little magician artist, voiced by famous actor and comedian Maz Jobrani. Encouraging the kids to use their imagination, the kids roam from a traditional Zoor Khooneh to a Bazaar and learn how to haggle. Their travels take them to great monuments and historic sites throughout Iran and they come back knowing that the land of their parents is a rich place to explore.

"We are portraying different cultures and we are very careful about the design of the characters. It was important for all of us to portray a positive image of these cultures and also to have fun with the story lines", says Shabnam Rezaei, the producer and co-creator of Mixed Nutz.
You can get the Mixed Nutz DVDs on www.oznoz.com


Watch a short clip (English)

Watch a short clip (Persian)

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