A Persian-American Runs for Governor

for the First Time in History

We are delighted to announce that on July 28, 2003, Badi Badiozamani, Ph.D. filed papers to run as a candidate for Governor in the Recall Election in the state of California.This the first time in history that a Persian-American is running for such a high office.Dr. Badiozamani is running as an independent.His agenda includes saving California from bankruptcy through implementation of sound economic policies, bringing honesty and transparency to the government, and tackling the ever-increasing traffic problem.We believe he has a chance to win because at this special election, any candidate who simply gets the highest number of votes will take the office.Moreover, preliminary polls show that a great number of Californians who are dissatisfied with the present government desire to see a fresh face, someone who is honest, someone who is not a politician.


Badi Badiozamani has a Masterís degree in Public Administration and a Ph.D. degree in Political Science.He has lived in California for over 22 years.He has served on California Governorís Joint Venture Advisory Board, city of San Diegoís International Affairs Board where he was Vice Chairman and the head of Cultural & Economic Exchange Committee.He presently serves on San Diegoís Small Business Advisory Board. He is the founder and Executive Director of the Center for East-West Understanding, a member of National Writers Union, PEN USA, and American Translators Association.His book, Iran & America: Rekindling a Love Lost, will be published in the fall.He has written numerous articles in Persian and English and has been interviewed by international media such as Voice of America, BBC and Radio South Africa.


Badi, who believes his campaign will have many positive effects for the Persian community in the United States is seeking everybodyís guidance and assistance in all aspects of campaign such as public relations, media relations, making banners and signs, voter registration, grass root efforts and precinct walking and fund raising.

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Badi, A Governor From the People for the People


Badi Badiozamani for Governor Committee