Snow in eastern Turkey

Snow in eastern Turkey


Satellite: Terra

Image was taken on January 20, 2004.

Description: The Terra satellite captured this image of Turkey’s Eastern Anatolia region coated with snow on January 20, 2004. The Kuzey Anadolu Daglari, a long mountain range, separates the shores of the Black Sea, image top, from the Anatolia plateau. Other mountain ranges and individual mountains also appear as wrinkles in the landscape. The flatter region in the south is the Anatolia plateau. The headwaters of the Euphrates River gather in this region. Unlike the rest of Turkey, which enjoys a temperate climate, Eastern Anatolia experiences hot summers and cold winters. Starting in the upper right corner, the countries bordering Turkey that are shown in this image include Georgia, Armenia, Naxcivan (part of Azerbaijan), Iran, Iraq, and Syria.

Image credit: Jacques Descloitres, MODIS Land Rapid Response Team, NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. All images are public domain.

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