Shahrzad Ardalan: Producer/Radio Hostess

Shahrzad Ardalan - Costa Mesa (October 14, 2007) - by QH

Shahrzad Ardalan mistress of ceremonies - UCLA (April 19, 2009) - by QH  Shahrzad Ardalan - Costa Mesa (October 14, 2007) - by QH  Shahrzad Ardalan & Pirayeh Khalili - UCLA (April 19, 2009) - by QH

Shahrzad Ardalan is the producer and hostess of "Life is Beautiful" show on KIRN radio station in Los Angeles. Her popular show covers health, parenting and social issues. Shahrzad holds a BA in International Business Administration from the American College in Paris. She is also licensed to perform marriage ceremonies in California. Ardalan is involved with several Iranian-American charities and organizations.

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