Agreement concerning Delimitation of the Continental Shelf between Bahrain and Iran, signed at Bahrain on 17 June 1971

The Imperial Government of Iran and the Government of Bahrain desirous of establishing in a just equitable and precise manner the boundary line between the respective areas of the continental shelf over which they have sovereign rights in accordance with international law, have agreed as follows:

Article 1
The line dividing the continental shelf lying between the territory of Iran on the one side and the territory of Bahrain on the other side shall consist of geodetic lines between the following points in the sequence hereinafter set out:-
Point 1. is the Eastern-most point on the Eastern-most part of the Northern boundary line of the continental shelf appertaining to Bahrain as formed by the intersection of a line starting from the point having the latitude of 27 degrees, 00 minutes, 00 seconds East, and having a geodetic azimuth of 278 degrees, 14 minutes, 27 seconds, with a boundary line dividing the continental shelf appertaining to Bahrain and Qatar, thence:
Lat. North Long. East
Point 2. 27 deg. 02 min. 46 sec. 51 deg. 05 min. 54 sec.
Point 3. 27 deg. 06 min. 30 sec. 50 deg. 57 min. 00 sec.
Point 4 27 deg. 10 min. 00 sec. 50 deg. 54 min. 00 sec.

Article 2
If any single geological petroleum structure or petroleum field, or any single geological structure or any other mineral extends across the boundary line set out in Article 1 of this Agreement and the part of such structure or field which is situated on one side of that boundary line could be exploited wholly or in part by directional drilling from the other side of the boundary line then:
a) no well shall be drilled on either side of the boundary line as set out in Article 1 so that any producing section thereof is less than 125 metres from the said boundary line except by mutual agreement between the Imperial Government of Iran and the Government of Bahrain.
b) If the circumstances considered in this Article shall arise both parties hereto shall use their best endeavours to reach agreement as to the manner in which the operations on both sides of the boundary line could be co-ordinated or utilized.

Article 3
The boundary line referred to in Article 1 hereof has been illustrated on the British Admiralty Chart No. 2847 which is annexed hereto and has been thereon marked in red.

Article 4
Nothing in this Agreement shall affect the status of the superadjacent waters or air-space above any part of the continental shelf.

Article 5
a) This Agreement shall be ratified and the instruments of ratification shall be exchanged at Tehran.
b) This Agreement shall enter into force on the date of the exchange of instruments of ratification.

In witness whereof the undersigned, being duly authorised by their respective Government so to do, have signed this Agreement.
Done in duplicate at Bahrain the 22nd Rabi' al-Thani 1391 corresponding to the 27th Khordad 1350 corresponding to the 17th June 1971 in the Persian, Arabic and English languages, all texts being equally authoritative.

Government of Iran Government of Bahrain

Albaharna, 391-393

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