The Persian Empire during the Achaemenid Dynasty

Achaemenid Golden Lion

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Persia (General)
A Brief History of the Persian Empire (CAIS)Winged sphinx from Darius' palace at Susa, Louvre Museum - Public domain image
Pre-Achaemenid Iran
Cyrus the Greats' Cylinder (CAIS) | Gallery
Herodotus: On The Customs of the Persians, c. 430 BCE
The Laws of the Ancient Persians
The Splendor of Persia
The Persian Wars by Herodotus
Persia or Iran?
Women's Lives in Ancient Persia

Persian Dynasties
Achaemenid Dynasty (700-330 B.C.E.)
Parthian Dynasty (247 B.C.-224 A.D.)
Sassanid Dynasty ( 224-651 A.D.)

The Louvre Collection
The Metropolitan Museum

Asprey's Atlas of the World c. 1920
Hume-Griffith, M.E Map of Persia and Turkish part of Arabia c. 1909
Earl of Ronaldshay, William Blackwood and Sons c. 1902The Cyrus Cylinder, Achaemenid dynasty - QH
Mitchell, S. Augustus. Mitchell's New General Atlas c. 1866.
Mitchell, S. Augustus. New Universal Atlas c. 1857
Joseph Pierre Ferrier. Second Edition 1857 c. 1856
John Tallis's Map of Persia c. 1851
Thomson Map of Persia c. 1814
Persia c. 1808
Accurate Map of Persia c. 1767 (LOC)
Fred Ramen, Safavid Persian Empire. c. 1744
Seuterri Map of Persia c. 1730
Persia c. 1729
Persian Empire c. 1720
Jodocus Hondius's Map c. 1610
German map of the region c. 1598

Documentary Video
Engineering an Empire: The Persians (2006)Parthian Silver Vessels, The Getty Villa - QH
Storm Over Persia (2004)
Persepolis Recreated
Iran, Seven faces of civilization
British Museum: Ancient Persia
British Museum: Forgotten Empire the world of Ancient Persia

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